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Garden Updates


July just flew! What a busy time, and the garden has grown up and spilled over the sides. I’ve been out picking beans and peas and swiss chard and lettuce at least every couple of days.

Butternut squash is climbing up the net, and I think I may have planted more than I need, but I hated to pull any out.

One of my gardens practically exploded in a day and a half after a big rain.

Beans are climbing up the trellis and anything else they can reach.

Purple beans are my favorite thing to grow. I think I will plant twice as many next year.

The peas also did very well this year, and there are dozens of tomatoes loving this heat.

The swiss chard is about the only thing that was touched by pests really, other than the odd nibble on some lettuce.

I have not has as much time as I would have liked to spend in the garden but what minutes I could spare have been fantastic.

I will be sad to see fall come!


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